Far Out and Away
On the Asia Travelers Trail
Stan Kahn







Table of Contents
 1.    Prelude    36 hours
2.    Hong Kong     In the Space of a Hiccup
3    Thailand    It Must be Dinner
4.   Thailand    Fake Genuine 501's
5.   Thailand    Fly Me to the Moon
6.    Thailand     After Six Weeks of Traveling After Thirteen Years of
Working, I Need a Vacation
7.    Malaysia, Singapore    Super Sidewalks
8.    Indonesia    Dining With Frogs
9.    Philippines    But in Another Life?
10.    China    "The Dinivg Hall on the Secowd Flooy"
11.    China    Getting There is Half the Fun
12.    China    Love Those High Heels
13.   Nepal    Cutting Trees is a Heinous Crime
14.    Nepal    No Rickshaw - No Problem
15.    India    We Just Had to Dance
16.   India   Rat Park
17.    Finale    Once You Get Out You Can Never Go Back
18.    Epilogue    Time to Start Again

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