Journey to the East where you'll find the best coffee in Kunming, not to mention the largest selection of used books - English and more - anywhere in China - so we're told - plus information, conversation and a great view of the world as it passes by our windows. 
It's been three years since I left China. Journey to the East is now in the hands of inlaws and I no longer exercise any responsibility or control over it. Nevertheless I'll always consider it one of my major accomplishments, and it's still a must stop for the intrepid Yunnan traveler. 

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Journey to the East is located on a quiet street in Kunming's University district and well worth the trip from downtown.
Wen Lin Road, #9 Tian Jun Dian Lane, Kunming 650031, China

Kunming, capital of Yunnan Province, China, nicknamed 'Spring City' because of it's year round equable climate, is one of China's most pleasant cities for studying, teaching or just experiencing the old world. China of late has had the world's fastest growing economy. Kunming, though it is far behind and far from the wealth of China's East Coast, nevertheless has examples of the most modern architecture. At the same time, in extreme contrast, many of the construction materials used in Kunming's construction boom can be seen delivered by horsecart.  click to enter gallery

Yunnan has landscapes that range from sub-tropical rainforests in the south where it borders Burma, Vietnam, and Laos to a 22,000 foot peak in the north where it borders Tibet. One third of Yunnan's people are members of minority groups with half of China's minorities represented, making it's people as varied as it's landscape. It is one of China's foremost tourist areas and not to be missed by the intrepid world traveler. click to enter gallery 
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